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Green Construction Success Story?

With electricity prices expected to increase substantially, some in the construction industry are actively looking for ways to offset that historically-fixed cost. Some have gone even further than just offsetting the cost by seeking to eliminate it entirely.

For more information concerning an interesting project where the building is designed to produce all of its own energy, see


Thank you for your comment. When engaging in construction in Florida, there is a host of laws that you should be aware of. Obviously, the Florida Construction Lien Law is tops on that list. The Florida Construction Lien Law is located within Chapter 713 Florida Statutes. You can find the entire law on the Resources page on our site. You should also be aware of Chapter 558 (also located on our site) which provides for certain notices that should be included in your contracts to ensure that you are entitled to notice and an opportunity to cure any alleged defects in your work before facing a lawsuit. This forum does not allow for a detailed analysis of the laws that affect you as a contractor, but a review of the Resources page on our site and the Articles and Blog sections of our site should provide ample information for you. You can also contact any of the Board Certified Construction Law Attorneys at Your Construction Law Firm to assist you in preparing your contracts and setting up the procedures necessary to protect you in all of your endeavors.

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