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Unlicensed Contractors Take Another Hit

We have written many times before about the dangers, costs, and penalties associated with unlicensed contracting in Florida. "In order to protect the public and to prod contractors into obtaining the required licensing, the Legislature has, as a matter of state policy, greatly disadvantaged the contractor who chooses not to obtain the legally required license." Earth Trades, Inc. v. T & G Corp., 38 Fla. L. Weekly S35 (Fla. 2013). The Florida Legislature has gone to great lengths to protect the public from the dangers of unlicensed contracting. Enacting laws placing both civil and criminal penalties on those participating in such activities. Throughout recent years, Florida Courts have continued to move toward a harsher line towards the contractors engaging in such activities.  Read On . . .

Licensed or Unlicensed? That Is The Question.

As anyone engaged in the construction industry in Florida knows, Florida law requires a "Contractor" to have a construction license. Most, but not all, statewide contractor licenses are found in Fla. Stat. ยงยง 489.101, et seq., including the registration of local licenses.  Read More...

Unlicensed Contracting Can Prove Costly!

Undoubtedly, contractors who have invested the time, energy, and money to obtain and maintain their licenses may not have high regard for unlicensed contractors. Homeowners who have spent money on unlicensed contractors just to spend the money again to have the work redone properly would justifiably have a very low regard for unlicensed contractors. The courts on the other hand should not hold any particular regard for unlicensed contractors. Their role is to apply the law to a given set of facts.   Read More....

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