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Posts tagged "construction dispute"

Homeowners can protect themselves during a remodeling project -- II

When homeowners decide to take the leap and remodel their interior and/or exterior, they will typically dedicate a good amount of time to such important issues as determining the scope of the project and, of course, finding a suitable contractor.

Understanding how surety bonds work

When the decision is made to embark on any sort of construction project, it can prove to be an exciting and altogether nerve wracking time given the gravity of the stakes. Indeed, it's important for the project owners to have peace of mind knowing that the people they are working with are going to not only complete the work, but comply with all of the terms of the contract.

Certified civil mediators handling complex construction disputes

For most people, the term alternative dispute resolution -- or mediation -- conjures up images of divorce. Specifically, they envision separating couples coming together in a forum outside of a courtroom in a bid to reach some sort of mutually acceptable solutions regarding issues like child custody and alimony.

What Florida law says about contractors, homeowners -- II

In a previous post, our blog discussed how it's important for both a homeowner and a prospective builder to understand their rights and responsibilities under Florida law before embarking on a remodeling project or building an entirely new home.

What Florida law says about contractors, homeowners -- I

When the important decision to either start remodeling a home or build an entirely new home is made, it's extremely important for all parties -- including the homeowner and the prospective builder -- to have a complete understanding of their rights and responsibilities under the law.

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