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Homeowners must remain vigilant about unlicensed contractors

Even though we are currently in the middle of September, it's important to remember that hurricane season here in Florida lasts all the way through the end of November. While we've been incredibly fortunate to go without a hurricane for quite some time now and appear to be on course for another (hopefully) quiet year, we are nevertheless always at risk of some type of severe weather, including bring torrential rains, high winds and damaging hail.

Homeowners can protect themselves during a remodeling project -- II

When homeowners decide to take the leap and remodel their interior and/or exterior, they will typically dedicate a good amount of time to such important issues as determining the scope of the project and, of course, finding a suitable contractor.

Reports uncover deceptive practices in state's construction sector

As many reports have made clear, the construction sector here in Florida -- both residential and commercial -- is finally starting to show signs of sustained growth following the nightmare that was the recent recession. This means builders are getting more projects and workers are relying on steady paychecks.

Examining the requirements for securing a contractor's license

A few weeks ago, our blog discussed how Florida law mandates that all contractors hired to build or even remodel homes must be in possession of the proper licensure, and how this requirement can be satisfied if the contractor holds one of two types of contractor licenses.

How much do you know about construction liens?

Without a doubt, one of the most complex topics in all of construction law is construction liens. In general, the specifics of construction liens are covered under Chapter 713 of the Florida statutes. However, in today's post, the first in a series, we'll attempt to highlight a few essential points about this equitable device.  

What Florida law says about contractors, homeowners -- I

When the important decision to either start remodeling a home or build an entirely new home is made, it's extremely important for all parties -- including the homeowner and the prospective builder -- to have a complete understanding of their rights and responsibilities under the law.

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