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What about clients who want more than the contract specifies?

Sooner or later, every builder or contractor encounter clients who want to play fast and loose with the agreed-upon contracted work. They may ask to add features to completed plans or decide to alter the dimensions of a couple of rooms.

While most contractors and builders try to accommodate their clients whenever possible, when the proposed changes cut into a company's bottom line, it's a good idea to have a response that can nip this sort of thing in the bud quickly.

How can contractors and builders make mistakes right?

No matter how conscientious a builder or contractor may be, everyone makes mistakes. But your reputation is on the line, so your response must be both timely and adequate to avoid losing business. How can you keep a mistake from turning into a deal-breaker?

One business coach and small business owner advises clients to respond with integrity and honesty, saying that "[t]he problem is rarely the error itself — it's how you handle it."

Are contractors and builders liable for home damages?

People invest more in their homes than they typically do in most other areas of their lives. Therefore, when something goes awry, they are especially determined to make sure that someone is held accountable.

That person can often be the contractor or builder, and many can face litigation in the Florida civil court systems as a result of disgruntled homeowners who are seeking redress for their losses and damages.

What must I do to file a 'materialmen's lien?'

If you are a Florida contractor, at some point you may need to file a type of lien known as a "materialmen's lien." Because of the details that must be included and the time constraints, it can be a very complex process.

It is incumbent upon the contractor to learn and understand the law regarding these types of liens, or to retain an attorney who practices construction law to handle the intricacies of the legal process.

Undocumented workers get hurt on Florida construction sites

There are many undocumented immigrants looking for work in south Florida's construction trade. Many are long-term residents who have worked for years under the radar with falsified or nonexistent immigration documents. However, the workers can wind up in unfortunate circumstances if they get hurt on the job.

Work-related injuries are subject to the regulations of the Florida workers' compensation system. Under the current laws of the state, all workers, even those who are without immigration documents, are entitled to receive injury benefits. However, by filing for benefits, the undocumented workers risk exposure, being arrested, prosecuted and ultimately deported back to their countries of origin.

Stoned workers a conundrum for business owners

Have you had difficulty assembling qualified construction crews to handle all of your jobs because you can't find enough reasonably competent workers who can pass pre-employment or random drug screens?

Or perhaps you're fed up with dealing with the fall-out after a series of on-the-job accidents left you and your business vulnerable to civil litigation from injured claimants.

Man sues contractor who allegedly faked his own death

A man who bought a home in Florida is suing a contractor he hired to update and repair that home. He says that the contractor, perhaps trying to avoid any fees, pretended to be dead.

The man and his wife bought the home and paid the contractor around $7,600. However, they say he took way too long to do the job and didn't even do high-quality work. He didn't have the proper licenses and had not pulled permits.

Florida woman sues after allegedly falling on construction debris

Florida construction companies often have to deal with civil lawsuits long after their work on a property is done. However, sometimes the construction process itself can result in alleged injuries that can open these companies up to litigation.

Last month, an Orlando woman living in the Nassau Bay Apartments filed a lawsuit alleging that she slipped on construction debris that was left on the stairs of her building and suffered multiple injuries as a result. She filed a lawsuit against the construction company as well as the company that owns the apartment building. According to the lawsuit, the defendants did not maintain the apartment building in a reasonably safe manner.

4 mistakes made during the construction process

When starting a construction project or hashing out a contract, it's important to make sure that all parties are on the same page. Mistakes can cause disputes, slow jobs down and get very costly.

First off, both sides should be very clear about the budget. Contractors need to be transparent with prices, costs and quotes, and homeowners or business owners need to be honest about what they can afford. Misunderstandings about money can escalate quickly.

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