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Generating a resolution for your construction law matters

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2024 | Construction Law

A construction project has many working parts. For a successful completion of the project to occur, all components of the project must come together without issue. While this is an ideal situation, the reality is that it is not uncommon for issues or disputes to come up at any point or phase of the project.

A construction issue or dispute in Florida and elsewhere could arise because of disagreements during the negotiation of a contract, a breach of a contract, defects, licensing issues, insurance issues, payment disputes and the like. Because a construction dispute could impact the project by delaying it or preventing its completion, most seek to resolve the matter as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Construction disputes

At Malka & Kravitz, P.A., our law firm is specialized in construction law, making our attorneys experts in the field. Despite never working on a construction site, our legal team has in-depth knowledge regarding all facets of a construction project. This allows us to provide guidance and assistance that is specific to each client.

Because we have encountered a wide range of construction law matters, we understand that issues could arise at any phase of the project. Not only does our law firm have extensive experience resolving construction law matters, but we also have a track record for helping our clients avoid litigation.

Proactive resolutions

Whether you are dealing with construction defects, a breach of contract, negotiation issues, drafting a construction contract, licensing issues, ensuring Florida statutory compliance, construction insurance matters or issues involving payment bonds or performance bonds, there are options to resolve these matters. By understanding your rights and the details of the matter, it is possible to negotiate, mediate or arbitrate for a resolution.

While avoiding litigation is ideal for most, not all matters can reach a resolution outside of court. As such, it is important to understand when this process is necessary and what steps to take.

In the beginning stages, it is possible to be proactive when it comes to avoiding litigation. A legal professional can help you understand what you can do now to avoid legal issues in the future. No matter the issue or level of complexity of the construction law matter, it is important to understand that you have options, and you can take steps to protect your rights in the matter.