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Why a construction project isn’t done on time

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2016 | Construction Law

One of the biggest reasons for a construction lawsuit is simply when the project lags behind schedule and doesn’t get done on time. This doesn’t just mean it runs over by a day or two, but it could be weeks or months behind schedule.

To those funding the project, this can be incredibly detrimental, perhaps costing them a lot of money. For instance, if the project is an electronics store, the owner may want to have it done far enough before Christmas to get things set up and have it open for the biggest shopping season of the year.

Failing to do so means the owner not only opens later than anticipated, but he or she loses out on projected sales that could have brought in tens of thousands of dollars. This can have a huge impact on budgeting for the entire year.

Why does this happen? Reasons vary, but they could include:

— Issues with the materials or equipment being used.– Alterations to the requirements of the job, such as the owner asking for extra space to be added to the store.– Not having enough people on the job.– Issues with the site itself, which have to be corrected before work can continue.– Plans that turn out to be flawed or defective.

This doesn’t always mean that the contractor is to blame. The architect could be to blame, for instance, if the delay comes from a set of defective plans. For those involved in a lawsuit, it’s very important to understand where fault lies, what obligations there are on both sides, and what legal action needs to be taken to reach a resolution.

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