Board-Certified In Construction Law By The Florida Bar

Resolving Condominium Defects

At Malka & Kravitz, P.A. - Your Construction Law Firm, all of our shareholders are board-certified as experts in construction law by The Florida Bar. Our attorneys have the specialized knowledge, skill and experience to negotiate, mediate, arbitrate or litigate all types of construction defect claims and defenses.

Our firm represents condominium associations, homeowner’s associations, contractors and sureties in a wide variety of construction defect matters, such as those involving defects resulting from improperly installed windows, doors, and roofs, missing or improperly installed fire stops, defective concrete, improperly installed electrical and plumbing systems, defective balcony railings, defective waterproofing, and many more.

Unique Insight Into HOAs And Condominium Associations

Our expert construction defect attorneys have extensive experience in litigating construction disputes. Aside from our expertise and understanding of issues specific to construction law and construction defects, the partners at our firm are past or present members of the board of directors of their own homeowner’s associations, giving them a personal understanding of the day-to-day concerns facing a board of directors of condominium associations and homeowner’s associations.

The guiding principle is always to provide our clients with a fair resolution of their construction defect issues at a reasonable cost. This is achieved by our substantial experience in the complex field of construction defect litigation, coupled with vigorous preparation and expertise in negotiations aimed at resolving disputes, often without need for a trial.

Taking Action In Regard To Construction Defects

Bringing claims for construction defects in Florida involves specific requirements under Florida construction law before such a claim may be brought. Important steps must be taken to preserve such claims. If you are the manager or a member of the board of directors of a condominium association or a homeowner’s association with construction defects, please contact one of our expert construction law attorneys for a free consultation: 954-828-2807. Allow us to become Your Construction Law Firm™.