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Airport construction booming in Broward County

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Construction Law

With the economy humming along at a good pace, there’s a construction boom going on in South Florida. A prime example of that is the proposed expansion of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

At present, there are approximately $3.2 billion of ongoing improvements and developments planned for the airport. It’s expected that the airport and the areas surrounding it will be an active construction zone for the next two decades. Proposed projects include the development near U.S. 1 of an intermodal center with an above-ground people mover that winds around the terminals and connects passengers to other modes of transportation, potentially including Brightline.

It’s also envisioned that there may be connections at the Broward County Convention Center and Port Everglades for cruiseships.

There are also proposals for a commercial center and hotel right on the current airport property. A nine-level parking garage is planned next to the terminals. Its design includes an exterior courtyard and conference space.

There’s been talk of expanding the airport gates and opening up the interior corridors to make them more airy and inviting. Increasing the restaurants and shops that airport passengers can patronize is also a goal.

The planned proposals are all designed to “ensure that the improvements continue to enhance visitors’ experiences,” the Broward County Commissioner commented.

Revenue for the expansion and developments will come from airline contributions and the airport itself.

With all of these projects on the horizon, it’s certain that Fort Lauderdale contractors will be busy for years to come on various airport builds and developments. To make sure that all your construction contracts are solid, make sure that you address any uncertainties with your Broward County construction attorneys.

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