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4-year bridge project began this week

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Construction Law

If you are a South Florida contractor, chances are good that you didn’t need to read it in the Miami Herald to know that a large bridge reconstruction project was about to get underway.

This week began the complex redesign of Interstate 395. The first part of the sprawling project is expected to cost $800 million and involves portions of State Road 836 and Interstate 95.

The project extending over Biscayne Boulevard includes a proposed double-decker section from Interstate 95 to the MacArthur Causeway. Contractors Archer Western submitted the winning design that looks a bit like a giant arching spider.

It’s an ambitious, four-year project not scheduled for completion until the autumn of 2023. When it’s finished, it will include gardens, plazas with art, a mile-long path and acres of urban parkland.

The suspension bridge will be 1,025 feet at its highest point and be lighted by LEDs that will be programmed to look like a fountain.

Many local contractors may be involved as subcontractors on this project in various phases of its construction. The sheer size and breadth of this project mean that many eyes will be on its construction, especially since the tragic collapse last year of Florida International University’s pedestrian bridge.

It’s important that any contracts and agreements between the involved parties conform to all project requirements as well as Florida laws. With any construction project, it is always prudent to arrange for your construction law attorneys to review and approve any initial contracts and subsequent revisions as your project progresses.This can save you considerable time, money and problems later.