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What makes a contractor successful?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Construction Law

There are a lot of contractors in South Florida, and some are definitely more successful than others. But just what rubric determines the success or failure of a contractor?

It’s an important consideration, as each contractor seeks to stand head and shoulders above the competition. One industry leader offered some thoughts on the matter earlier this year at the convention for the Associated General Contractors of America. They include these key points:

Positive work environment

Are workers lining up to sign on with your construction company, or do you have to trawl the bottom of the employment barrel to staff your work crews? If it’s the latter, take a long, hard look at the work environment you have created.

If you want to attract and retain the best and the brightest, you must incentivize your workforce. Provide outstanding workers with a path to leadership roles, share your vision for the company’s success and encourage teamwork among your crew members. Also, don’t expect your employees to shoulder workloads that are too heavy. If the jobs start piling up, hire more labor.

Lead like a servant

You’re the boss, and everyone knows it. There should be no need to lord your leadership role over your employees. Realize there is something to be learned from every person on your crew. Encourage workers to share their ideas about how to better do their jobs and reward excellence in action.

Ditch the bad apples

All crews have problem employees that can drive down morale across the board. Your role as a leader is to ferret out those workers who exhibit bad behaviors and create safety lapses and hostile work environments. Getting rid of the bad apples will allow for the recruitment of other stellar employees.

In all your dealings with your workers, err on the side of the law. If you are unsure how to proceed in any situation, discuss the matter with your Florida construction law attorneys to gain a better perspective.