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A good contract can fend off construction disputes

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Construction Law

Construction disputes can be the bane of a contractor’s existence. These disputes can arise from subcontractors failing to comply with the agreed-upon specifications with the project, supply-chain delays or many other factors.

All construction disputes have the potential to cost contractors a great deal of money. They can also spawn secondary disputes with the property owners who are understandably peeved about delays arising from the disputes with the subs.

In fact, a single unresolved dispute can create havoc with the timeline of your project. Not only are property owners loathe to wait out lengthy delays for the disputes to be satisfactorily resolved, they could also bleed money after being forced to wait for the work to be continued.

Disputes often arise after an incident occurs where one or more parties has liability for damages or a worker’s injuries. Alternatively, a subconractor might argue that they are not responsible for completing a certain aspect of the project.

When the parties are at loggerheads over these issues, it’s important to review your contract closely to see what issues are covered and how the problem ideally should be resolved.

That’s why it is imperative to only sign contracts that have clearly delineated the roles for each subcontractor involved in the project. That way, if the scope of the project is in question, you have only to turn to the blueprint that is your contract to be assured of your role in fulfilling your obligations to the project.

As you might imagine, a thorough contract that covers all contingencies is key to keeping your project on-track for completion. Your Fort Lauderdale construction law attorneys can jelp you facilitate that.