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You could face lawsuits in the wake of Hurricane Dorian

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Construction Law

As Labor Day weekend dawns in South Florida, Hurricane Dorian continues to bear down on the eastern coastline. This certainly is a storm capable of wreaking much destruction to our area, and there will likely be extensive repairs and rebuilding needed in its wake.

In some cases, that can pose some sticky legal situations for local contractors. Typically, after major hurricanes strike, a plethora of subcontractors and construction crews flood into the most damaged regions.

Certainly, some (if not most) of these individuals are hardworking, honest builders who seek to lend their skills and expertise to those home and business owners who need their help. But it’s also common for grifters to flock to hurricane-ravaged regions.

These lowlifes seek to separate honest people from their money by ripping them off. Whether it is an outright con where they take the repair money and run or a scheme to substitute substandard materials for quality products, e.g., Chinese drywall, these dishonest subcontractors can create problems for Florida’s legitimate contractors.

After a natural disaster like a major hurricane, there is a huge uptick in the demand for quality construction workers, subcontractors and general contractors. That can make some contractors consider lowering their usual standards when it comes to who they partner with on a build or major renovation.

But it is just those sort of decisions that can potentially leave contractors vulnerable to legal action by dissatisfied clients. Contractors can avoid this by properly vetting subcontractors before signing any contracts or other legal documents that could leave them legally liable for any flaws.

Should you find yourself in the line of fire, make sure that you seek the advice and guidance of a reputable Broward County construction law attorney. We can help you sort out your options if you face civil lawsuits in the wake of the storm.