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Legally protect your reputation from damage

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Construction Law

Disgruntled clients come with the territory for contractors. While the majority of your clients will be well-satisfied with your building efforts, a small subset of your customers may seem to never be satisfied with the quality of your work.

Clients can have legitimate complaints that need to be addressed promptly. Often, all that needs to be done is quite minor, e.g., re-planing a door that sticks or patching a roof leak. Certainly, it is far better to spend an extra hour or three getting it right than triggering the client’s ire and fomenting ill will.

But there are too many ways for dissatisfied clients to badmouth your business if they are vengeful. From one-star Yelp reviews to negative feedback on Angie’s List, an angry client can ruin your reputation in a New York minute.

If you face that situation, consider the merits of the case they have against you? Did you complete the job as specified or cut some corners short? It might not be too late to fix the problem — if there truly is one.

But if you can say with a clear conscience that your work was top-notch, and they are being unreasonable, we can help you uphold your reputation in the community. There are laws prohibiting slander and libel, and we can make sure that anyone who defames you or your company is forced to quit by issuing a cease and desist order to them.

If the problem persists, we can take them to court for their slanderous and/or libelous comments. You stand on your reputation as a South Florida contractor and shouldn’t let anyone sully your good name and the reputation of your company.