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Be aware of construction defects

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Construction Law

As a contractor, your business thrives because your work is free from errors. Costly construction defects are anathema to reputable contractors whose reputation rides on their finished work.

What kinds of deficiencies can occur to mar your company’s good name? It can be anything at any stage of the build or renovation. Was the design poorly planned or executed? Or maybe a lack of supervision caused the construction to be shoddy. The foreman may have too quickly done the final inspection, missing glaring errors that were immediately apparent to the homeowner.

All of these defects can wind up costing you dearly, both in real time and money expended and also by sullying your formerly stellar reputation in the industry.

Below are some common construction defects to look out for:

  • Expansive soils
  • Problems with structural integrity
  • Electrical problems
  • Mechanical defects
  • Water intrusion that can lead to toxic mold
  • Problems with doors, windows and glass
  • Improperly done finishes
  • Thermal and moisture protection

If you wind up in court over these matters, the court usually will categorize your defects as deficiencies of design, materials, subsurface or construction.

Engineers and architects can share the bad rap for some design deficiencies unless the defects are related to code violations. That’s why it is vital to always clear every design aspect with local and state agencies responsible for issuing building codes. Overlooking this can cost developers and contractors dearly.

Are you facing a lawsuit over design defects? Don’t try to handle this on your own. A Florida construction law attorneys can help you mitigate the damage from litigation brought by disgruntled clients and protect your good name and reputation.