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Construction dispute? Call us today to resolve

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2020 | Construction Law

Construction disputes can be quite costly to resolve. Your time, money and resources all can diminish while you try to hash out a workable solution to appease a disgruntled client.

Meanwhile, your reputation as a solid business owner and contractor can take a big hit if the unhappy client takes to social media to air their grievances. Incalculable damage can be incurred once your good name gets dragged through the mud.

All in all, it’s a huge headache for you, and a resolution seems nowhere in sight. In fact, you may be about to throw up your hands in disgust and cede all your power.

But all is not lost, however. You can turn to us to help you resolve your construction dispute and get back to doing what you do the best — building.

Looping in a construction law attorneys at the start of the dispute makes good business sense. It can keep you from blurting out something in negotiations that you will later regret, e.g., admitting liability out of frustration, perhaps. It can also keep the matter as civil as possible to have a third party overseeing the complaint to resolution.

Allow us to represent you if you face a dispute with a client over your services rendered on their behalf. We will do all that we can to protect your interests and stellar reputation while working diligently to resolve the problem as efficiently as possible.

Don’t let a construction dispute drag on for months unresolved. Call us today to review the complaint and work toward resolving it satisfactorily.