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Florida construction dispute involves former lawmaker’s business

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Construction Law

In Florida, construction is a daily part of life. It can be problematic for people who are not involved in the project, but are impacted by it. Often, it is just something that must be endured with the knowledge that it will eventually be completed and personal and business life will return to normal. However, not every project can simply be chalked up to necessity and acceptance. If a person is facing financial or personal challenges because of a construction project, it is important to understand how to address these issues. From the opposite perspective, if an owner is having construction done and is adhering to the law, they should be aware of how to defend against allegations of wrongdoing.

Former Illinois lawmaker’s Florida business faces construction challenges

A one-time state senator from Illinois who owns a sandwich shop franchise in Florida is embroiled in a construction dispute with the landlord. The former legislator says that he and his family were named in a lawsuit filed by the building’s owner. He has his own issues with the landlord and is weighing a countersuit. According the landlord’s filing, the former senator and his family owe almost $60,000 in unpaid rent. The response was that they are not paying because the lease was violated.

The violations stem from construction that has damaged the business by hindering its accessibility and visibility. They also say their utilities were intermittently interrupted. The project, which started in February 2020, included the removal of the store’s sign and a banner put in its place. It has been unsteady and blows away in the wind. In addition, vehicles have had their tires punctured by nails and construction materials. The former state senator says he and his family will abide by the court’s decision, but wants compensation for how the project harmed the business.

Comprehensive assistance can be critical with construction issues

It is easy to understand both viewpoints in this case. Most disagreements related to construction law are devoid of a clear “right” and “wrong.” In these complex areas of law, negotiation may be the preferable course to take to settle the case. Sometimes, that is impossible and the case needs to go to court. For people who are facing similar issues as the former state senator and the landlord, having professional assistance is generally necessary to sort through the disagreement and find a workable solution. Calling for a consultation and advice is a wise first step.