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5 advantages of using mediation in a construction dispute

by | May 21, 2021 | Construction Law, Mediation

When you run a business in the construction industry, at some point you likely will face a dispute. You could work with a subcontractor who doesn’t properly install flooring in an apartment complex you are developing. You could discover that your supplier for the bathroom tile you plan to use has delivered you a substandard product. If you can’t resolve the dispute quickly, you may feel uncertain about heading to court over it. You instead should consider seeking mediation to resolve your construction dispute.

Seeking mediation in a construction dispute has many advantages, including:

  1. By using mediation, you and the other party could resolve the dispute in one to two days, not weeks or months. By solving your dispute quickly, you could resolve the dispute while the project is still under construction.
  2. By using mediation, you will save money in legal costs. Mediation often is less expensive than arbitration and certainly is less expensive than litigation.
  3. By using mediation, you won’t spend more time away from your business, dealing with resolving this dispute.
  4. By using mediation, you and the other party have more control of the process and the dispute resolution. Also, by working together to come to an agreement, you can rebuild your relationship and possibly work together again in the future.
  5. Mediation works well if you are in a construction dispute with many parties – for example, a dispute with multiple subcontractors or with a property owner and a design professional.

Mediation is becoming a popular choice in the construction industry because it often affectively resolves a dispute faster and easier than even seeking arbitration. If you use a mediator who is familiar with construction law, your mediator will know what issues need to be resolved to end your dispute. The mediator can ask the right questions and offer advice on possible solutions. In the end, through mediation, you can get your dispute resolved quickly and get back to finishing your project or completing the next one.