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Common categories of construction defects and how the law helps

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Construction Law

When faced with construction defects concerns, both builders and home or property owners should be familiar with the different types of construction defects. They should also be familiar with the legal help available when facing construction defects.

Common types of construction defects

Some common construction defects are:

  • Deficiencies with the design of the structure: design deficiencies can undermine a construction project from the beginning. Design defects could be a failure of the architect or engineer to properly design the structure such as a faulty roof design that allows for water penetration in the structure.
  • Deficiencies with the materials used during building: materials deficiencies may arise when defective or damaged construction materials were used in the building of the structure. Bent window frames that are not properly installed, for instance, may allow water intrusion into the structure.
  • Deficiencies with the construction of the structure: construction defects can occur when a structure is not constructed in a workmanlike manner. Poor quality workmanship, such as improper plumbing, can result in leaks that can damage electrical wiring and walls as an example.
  • Deficiencies with the operation and maintenance of the structure: when a structure is not properly maintained or the systems of the structure are not properly operated, construction deficiencies can occur. By not maintaining exterior sealant, water intrusion may occur as one example.

What Florida law says

Construction defects, such as water intrusion, can cause a litany of problems for the properly owner. Because construction deficiencies can be complex, construction law can help which is why both property owners, contractors and other construction professionals, such as design professionals and subcontractors, should be armed with how construction law resources can help them when construction defects become a concern.