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Condo defect cases require skill, experience and tenacity

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2014 | Construction Law

When a person makes the momentous decision to buy a condominium here in Florida, they naturally look start to feel excited about all the benefits that come with their purchase.

For instance, they may look forward to being within walking distance of their workplace or favorite shops, or, perhaps on a smaller scale, the ability to park their car in a designated spot or even do laundry in their own home.

Whatever their reasoning, it’s true that there are a multitude of benefits that come from owning a condominium. However, one benefit that people commonly overlook is that they will have the Condominium Association looking out for the collective best interests of the entire complex.

Indeed, state law provides both condominium owners and Condominium Associations with various legal remedies in the event certain construction defects are uncovered. 

To illustrate, a Condominium Association could bring a construction defect action on behalf of all owners within the complex if common defects are found such as:

  • Improperly installed windows, doors, and roofs
  • Improperly installed electrical and plumbing systems
  • Missing or improperly installed fire stops
  • Defective concrete, balcony railings, waterproofing

As valuable as this is, it’s also important to understand that there are certain statutes of limitations at play regarding these original construction defects or those defects uncovered at a later point in time — commonly referred to as latent defects.

Indeed, what this serves to underscore is that condominium law is an extremely intricate subset of real estate law that necessitates both skilled and carefully tailored representation should the need for legal action arise.

At Malka & Kravitz, P.A., our senior attorneys have 70 years of collective experience and are all Board Certified in Construction Law by the Florida Bar. As such, they have the ability to handle the most complex construction defect cases for Condominium Associations.

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