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When contractors and clients don’t envision the same results

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Construction Law

Clients often look for low bids when hiring a contractor. If one bids $100,000 and the other bids $75,000, they’ll go with the contractor who costs $25,000 less.

This makes sense, of course, but it can lead to some problems, especially when clients and contractors aren’t envisioning the same results, the same level of quality, and the same finished product. The client thinks that the quality is exactly the same with both bids, and he or she is happy to save money. The contractor thinks that the client isn’t really “saving” money at all. He or she is just paying less for a lower-quality job.

Some have compared this to buying a new car. People understand that there is value in the quality of a car and they expect a certain quality when they buy. You don’t pay $20,000 to buy a Chevy Sonic and expect the same quality you’d get with an $80,000 BMW. They’re both cars, but there’s a world of difference there.

With contractors, people often don’t look at it the same way. This is why it’s so important for contractors and clients to communicate. They must be on the same page regarding what the bid entails and the results that they want. It’s the only way to get accurate bids and avoid a dispute when the client is displeased with the results.

Disputes may still arise, as this is an ongoing problem, even when both sides try to communicate as thoroughly as possible. Those who find themselves in a dispute when the job is already done must know their legal options.

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