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Address construction disputes legally and right away

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | Construction Law

There are few owners of construction companies who will escape their careers unscathed by some type of legal issue. From labor disputes with workers to breaches of contracts with suppliers or dissatisfied customers, the industry is fraught with ways to run afoul of Florida’s civil laws.

Then, too, are the different jurisdictions to consider. From abiding by local building codes to following state employment laws to ensuring compliance with federal safety mandates, a construction company owner has to stay abreast of all changes and modifications to the laws.

Lawsuits may not be the first solution

Not all problems that arise in construction law are destined to be battled out in the courtroom, however. Many legal matters that affect contractors may be able to be negotiated through mediation sessions with the opposing party and his or her counsel of record.

Failing that, some disputes wind up settled in arbitration proceedings, either as is contractually stipulated or by agreement of the involved parties.

When all other avenues of resolution have been tried and failed, litigation is the final option to get relief.

Address the problem immediately

When a point of contention arises between a contractor and another individual or company, it does no good to ignore it and hope it goes away. This rarely — if ever — happens. The typical trajectory of a construction dispute is an escalation of the grievance.

Depending on the nature of the disputes and of the disgruntled parties, failing to address the matter could potentially even lead to violence, an outcome that should be prevented at all costs.

Do you have a legal construction issue that needs to be addressed? Retaining counsel now can set you on a path toward a successful resolution.

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