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Seek advice early rather than later over construction disputes

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2020 | Construction Law

When a client first approaches you with a complaint about a residential or commercial construction project, your first reaction is likely to be appeasement. You want them to be satisfied, so you attempt to fix the problem to their satisfaction.

In the majority of cases, that will be a sufficient response. You have the driveway regraded, realign the cabinet with the door that won’t stay closed or a second coating of paint to the walls. You want to please your clients, so they will return in the future and spread your good name and results to family and friends.

Then there are the others. While they could have legitimate complaints, there are some people who are nearly impossible to please. They are always looking for something to criticize, hoping for a reduction on their bill or a few freebies tossed in. It’s here where your own good nature and generosity could cause you further problems.

We advise our clients to call us early in the dispute resolution process. If your goal is to avoid litigation, there are several remedies that we might suggest to move the process along toward resolution.

But we also caution builders and construction company owners to be very careful what they say or promise at this juncture. Remember, anything you say or do to mollify a client or fix a problem could be later used as evidence of shoddy workmanship or unfulfilled contractual obligations. You don’t want to get yourself deeper into a mess by conceding too much ground with an aggressively litigious client.

Often, a strongly worded letter on our company letterhead lets a client know that we will vigorously defend the quality of your work and your stellar business reputation. Call us today when business disputes first arise.