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What are common examples of construction defects?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2022 | Construction Law

Construction defects can be complex and costly for everyone involved with construction defects litigation and situations. For that reason, it is good idea to be familiar with the different types of construction defects and how construction law can help those involved in construction defects situations.

Common construction defects

There are a variety of different types of construction defects concerns that can come up. A variety of different types of construction professionals may also be considered liable for construction defects including design professionals or construction professionals. Construction defects can arise from defective designs or engineering; a lack of planning or supervision; or defective materials and improper construction or poor quality workmanship.

There are generally four categories of construction defects which include design deficiencies; subsurface deficiencies; materials deficiencies; and construction deficiencies. The different types of construction defects can include:

  • Problems with structural integrity such as problems with unstable foundations, masonry and division, concrete or carpentry
  • Mechanical problems
  • Electrical problems
  • Water intrusion which can result in structural damage and mold
  • Problems with thermal and moisture protection
  • Problems with doors, windows and glass seals
  • Problems with the finishes

There can be significant damages involved in construction defects claims including the remediation process. There can be a lot on the line for everyone involved in construction defects litigation.

Regardless of the type of defect, construction defects and construction defects litigation can be challenging to resolve. Construction law serves as a resource to help those impacted by construction defects including construction professionals defending themselves against a construction defects lawsuit.