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What are construction defects?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Construction Law, Construction Warranties

When you are planning your new build, whether it is for your new home or business, it is a plan of love. The process is exciting, but the wait is agonizing. However, as construction is nearing completion, you should look for construction defects.

Types of construction defects

Courts throughout the country generally recognize four types of deficiencies in the preconstruction, construction and postconstruction phases: design, material, construction, and subsurface. Ideally, you need to find these before you make your final payments to ensure you can more easily get those items fixed. Contractors are much more likely to fix their deficiencies when there are still pending payments than after.

Design errors, deficiencies and defects

Preconstruction, you work with Fort Lauderdale, Florida, architects and engineers to design your building and the systems with them. They should work as intended and be up to local building codes. If they are not, you may find that the building is collapsing or retaining water, even before you move in. Plus, if they do not design it up to code, the city may not even allow construction to begin or for anyone to move in.

Material errors, deficiencies and defects

The choice of materials is extremely important as inferior materials can cause a building to collapse, concrete to crack, windows to leak, etc. You should check the flashing, membranes, roofing materials and building paper to ensure that quality materials are being used. You should also check wood and concrete quality.

Construction errors, deficiencies and defects

These terms refer to the workmanship used in the construction process. Up to that point, even if everything else is up to code, designed appropriately and all of the materials are quality, if the property is built incorrectly, none of that work before matters. Quality workmanship means using code-compliant techniques and following appropriate construction techniques. Poor workmanship can cause a building collapse, leaks and various other issues, like electrical, plumbing and mechanical issues.

Subsurface errors, deficiencies and defects

Another Fort Lauderdale, Florida, preconstruction issue that should be rectified by the end of construction is subsurface issues. This means the project should be built on a stable foundation that may require special work, depending on the nature of the subsurface conditions, like building on a hill, shifting soil, etc.